Southern Cambodia


Known also as Kampong Som is Cambodia’s extremely well known beach resort, it can be visited all year round to enjoy the cool breezes and clear blue skies. The area has awesome tropical pearl sandy beaches, most of which remain completely abandoned, with seaward islands that are perfect for scuba diving. Local anglers will take tourist visitors to any of the nearby islands where the coral, teeming with tropical fish, is ideal for snorkeling, diving, and fishing. Many restaurants offering to different national aroma but its excellent trying the freshly caught crab, shrimp and other seafood the place has to offer. Sihanoukville is also Cambodia’s only maritime port and is situated 232 kilometers (144 miles) from Phnom Penh. It is near via one of the excellent inter-provincial roads in the country.


Is a fantastic riverside town only 5 kilometers (3 miles) from the sea and serves the well-known seaside resort of Kep. Once a dashing hang out of the French aristocrat, it was recognized as “La Perle de la Cote d’ Agathe” and has beautiful offshore islands and a awesome bay, King Sihanouk possessed one of these islands and would always use it for entertaining. This domain is best to its production of durian, the not so good smelling fruit, and reputedly has the best seafood in the country.

The Bokor Hill Station

Was the cool withdrawal for the French aristocrat during colonial times set in the Elephant Mountains. At a high ground of just over 1000m (3280 feet), it is popular for its good climate, crystal streams and peaceful surroundings. Visitors will be amaze by the marvelous horizons, arboraceous scenery and astonishing views of the sea. The ideal time to visit is between November and May.