Cambodia - When to go & Weather

Cambodia’s wet season

From the behavior of southwest monsoon approaches from the month of May to October, bringing some 75% of Cambodia’s yearly rainfall. Not surprisingly, wet season is distinguished by rain, and in the high of wet season from July to September, it can rain as many as two out of every three days can. Rainy days always have a few hours of abundant rain rather than being all-day downpours, though the delayed do occur you will get wet going in a Cambodian wet season.

Cambodia’s dry season

From the month of October to April, when the sandy northeast monsoon began. Blowing like a heater set to high, the northeast monsoon dries out the country fast. Although November and January are just cool by April, the weather is broil and very much so dry it will astound you. Distinguished by heat and dust, this season coexist with Cambodia’s high tourist season when visitors arrive in their flocks between November and January to take benefits of the lack of rain and the comparative cool weather. By March, visitors going can be uncomfortable and hot while April can be tiring.