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Here are some of our most common FAQs. If you still have any questions that weren’t covered below, please feel free to use our contact form for inquiries and we’ll be sure to help you out!

What is the difference between double and twin room?

What is Bed & Breakfast (B&B), Half board (HB), Full board (FB) mean?

What is all-inclusive and air-inclusive?

Do I need a Visa for my travel?

What identification is required when I check in?

Can I request a particular type of room?

Do you organize conference meeting?

Which part of Thailand do you recommend to visit?

I may come on my own, will that present any problems?

Who and where is the meet up point when I arrive in Bangkok Airport?

What if we do not meet the guide at the airport, what should we do?

I want to avail of your service(s) but I need to know the terms first regarding payment etc.

How can we make our bookings or reservations with ULTIMA Travel?

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