Southern - Koh Samui

Samui – back to the Nature :

Samui ranks as one of the most popular destinations in Asia. A true blue paradise island, mesmerizing visitors with its charm & finesse, Koh Samui’s brilliance includes its hills, forest waterfalls, rocky coves and surrounding islands (besides its renowned beaches). With an area of approximately 250 sq kms, it takes 11/2 hrs, to cruise through the island by car. Ang Thong Marine National Park, just to the north of  Samui, is a group of lovely steep-sided limestone islands fringed with forest, an ideal cruising ground for yachts and a destination for divers. Hikers also find much in the way of hidden lakes, jungle and wildlife to discover. The Gulf of Siam, beauty of the eastern sea, reflects the esthetic beauty of this archipelago.
Get in touch with the last natural beauty of Thailand amid the indigo sea, white beaches and shady coconut trees. Some have called it the biggest coconut plantation in the world.

Enjoy diving and appreciate the pleasant scenery of coral reefs among schools of mutt-color fish. The major accommodation beaches, Lamai and Chaweng  are lined with bungalows and hotels, though most are hidden among the foliage, allowing the natural beauty to remain intact. Chaweng maintains the classic image of a tropical beach fringed by coconut palms.

Right on the beach itself a selection of bars and restaurants, together with a superb view of the Gulf. Lamai, this second-most popular of Samui’s beaches, offers a combination  of plentiful accommodation and picturesque village scenes.