Laos - million elephants


Is Southeast Asia’s tiniest capital lie against between the angles of the great Mekong River. This amazing city is enclose by delightful green protected fields and is still peaceful and quiet. Vientiane has immeasurable temples and pagodas with substantial Thai and Khmer sanctuary and artifacts that mirror the country’s past. It is also a place for sensual stroller who can easily and agreeably traverse the city by foot.

Vientiane is a usually old Indo-Chinese town and the combination of Asian and French colonial design of building will amaze you. Nor yet only does the designer of the buildings emulate Laos’ historical attachments with France, but the freshly baked baguettes are always served next to shops selling Lao noodle soup. This capital city is the center of educations, economics, and government in Laos. The main attractions of Vientiane are the calm Buddhist monasteries, superb shopping places and the awesome walks you can make along the sides of the Mekong River.