Ultima Travel invites you to experience the most pleasurable in Thailand and Around the World. We are based in  Thailand Travel Agent which offer Day Trips, Sightseeing, all kind of Tours ,M.I.C.E., Thailand package(s) & Hotel Reservation(s) around Asia, and globally.

With azure seas and coconut trees casting their whist shadows. Traveling in Thailand means covering an extraordinary extent of land designed and meeting smiling people. Uncover our tour packages that envelop the brilliant picturesque and cultural enchantment of this unique country. Thailand has a natural distinction in breath taking scenery, emphasizing the spectacular green mountains, pearly white sand beaches, and sparking azure sea. Combine that with our globally range of luxurious accommodation, majestic dining and variance of activities and you will experience Thailand at its excellent.

Ulitma Travel has various tours and packages that best suits your needs in Asia and Globally.

  • Adventure tours- to give the consumer to take part in their area of interest for the duration of the tour. In most, physical needs a certain level of fitness, nevertheless, can sometimes customize to meet your needs depending on the other travelers. Some examples of this tour type include diving, rock or mountain climbing, horse riding, or cycling.
  • City tours/Locally hosted- Usually last for one full day or less. We follow a fixed itinerary and will visit areas of interest in a specific place; either historic, religious, or cultural, refreshments or meals are upon your choice if it’s included.
  • Fully Escorted Tour – we offer most analytical and allows the least amount of compliance. The tour price will include the full itinerary including accommodations, transportation throughout the tour, services of an escort, many meals, and most sightseeing. The benefit to this type of tour is that you will maximize the time you are in each location, you will be provided with full descriptions by your tour escort commonly escorted by local guides, and all understanding will be handled by the tour escort. All you need to do is follow the tour escort(s)/guide(s).
  • Independent/ Private Tour Package – This type of package is also available to Ultima Travel this tour is for individual(s) travelers who desire to travel independently.
  • Group Tour-this package allow the same group or different groups follow the same itinerary from beginning to end. A group tour can be locally hosted or fully escorted.


We offer a very high dimensional of flexibility and numerous of luxurious accommodations, many flight options and sightseeing excursions to choose from. We cater all kinds of tour and packages to many Countries. You can make your own trip. Just coordinate with us what you want, and our dynamic Team will be very much pleased to assist you!