Songkla – discover Thailand’s deep south

Songkla – discover Thailand’s deep south

Songkla is located in the deep south of Thailand, approximately 950 kilometers away from Bangkok, near Malaysian border. Resting along the coast of the Gulf of Thailand, the place is an important port and trade hub of southern Thailand. Other than that, Songkla also borders with provinces of Phatalung, Nakhon Ti Samarat, Yaka, Pattani and Satun.

Songkla is off the main tourist track, making in an excellent place for quiet weekend. Amazing Samila beach is empty for most of the time and the prices tend to be lower than in other regions. Fresh sea food is available throughout the town, served at either beachside restaurant, street vendors or more traditional restaurant sets.
Songkla is a mix of Thai, Chinese and Malay culture, including historic ruins and arts. Almost every visitor feels impressed with what city has to offer in terms of historical sites. Unique tradition and customs make every visit in Songkla exceptional.

The biggest and most known city in Songkla province is Had Yai, which serves as transportation hub of the south. Songkla and Had Yai could not be more different. Songkla is quiet, relaxing and rich in cultural sites, whereas Had Yai is bustling city almost deprived of anything worth to see for an average tourist. Nevertheless, everyone on the way to Malaysia or Singapore passes through Had Yai and many choose to stay overnight. Unlikely quiet Songkla, Had Yai’s nightlife scene is big. Had Yai is full of nightclubs and bars, catering to both locals and tourists, majority of which come from Malaysia and Singapore.

Had Yai has a big bus terminal, connecting the city with every major place in Thailand and Malaysia. There are at least five buses to Bangkok daily and taking train is another option. Had Yai and Songkla is serviced by many public buses, minivans and shared taxis, not only from the bus terminals, but also many other spots in the city. The most expensive and convenient option is using the city airport.

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