Vietnam - asian dragon

Tourist from the following countries does not require a visa and can stay for the following number of days.

  • Denmark, Finland, Japan, Norway, South Korea, Sweden, Russia: 15 days
  • Philippines : 21 days
  • Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand : 30 days

All other nationalities will need a visa in advance to visit Vietnam.

Embassies are intractable in publishing a schedule of fees, as the perspective high visa cost is a source of embarrassment, revenue, and tourism restrain (EU and U.S.). A slowdown in tourist number arrivals has been misrepresents by the removal of visa fees for certain nationalities (but not former Vietnamese) resulting in neighboring countries numbers.

Foreign citizens of Vietnamese origin can apply for visa exemption that allows multiple entries for 3 months at a time that is valid for the duration of the passport.

A high popular alternative is to arrange a visa on arrival, which is not only significantly cheaper but also lessen the need for passports to be post to the Vietnamese Embassy in the country of origin.